Sinead Steenson - Generation Women

Working with women every day on their careers, I see certain things that are killing their careers time and time again. None of them are because they are bad people…quite the opposite! These things are borne out of being too nice, giving too much support, and putting yourself last.


As a woman, where do you come on your list of priorities?

I bet you are busy doing some (or all of these):

  • A brilliant job at work, quietly holding things together, doing to much, putting out fires, pulling others out of holes…and not getting enough recognition
  • Keeping everything working…

Have we been sold a myth about motivation at work? Somehow in all the knowledge we’ve gained, there’s this permeating thought that in order to do something we must feel motivated. Or that if we’re avoiding something, it’s that we lack motivation. Well I’m calling bull💩!

Motivation is quite simply

One of the common traits that all of my clients have is that they are amazing at what they do. They are smart, hard-working and forward-thinking. Yet often they don’t get noticed at work the way they deserve. This can have a serious effect on confidence and self-belief, and a…

Sinead Steenson - Generation Women

I've been working with leaders to develop their strategies for over a decade. I'm passionate about helping women succeed.

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