How to reflect on your year — The key questions to ask

Before you write off 2021, how about you look at it differently…

It feels like this December things are even more frantic than normal, I’m talking to a lot of women that are frazzled and a long way from feeling festive. I felt myself slipping that way too, let’s face it 2021 has been a tough one. Annoyingly I absolutely love this time of year…but I realised I wasn’t stopping to breathe. It was only when I was coaching one of my clients and I could see she was beating herself up that I recognised she needed to stop, and be kinder to herself. And a great way to do that is to spend a bit of time reflecting. So I asked her to reflect on her year, and quickly realised I need to take that advice too.

I always reflect at this time of year

But somehow I’d been so busy I’d forgotten. And here’s the thing…with lockdowns and the challenges of this year, my sense of time had left me with this feeling like I hadn’t achieved much. So what would be the point in doing it…oh how wrong could I be?!

I realised I launched my 2 biggest programmes ever this year, yes the ined the Career Elevator started in January, and The Impactful Leader PQ Mastermind in July! We turned 5 as a business. I ran 3 5 day challenges and helped almost a thousand women kickstart their career. I took up open water swimming and have gone consistently from May to December, and have raised money for charity doing it too. I’ve trained as a Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach, and have jo Lean In Global Network Leaders Programme. I’ve advocated for my daughter and got her the help she needs at school. We’ve made significant investments and changes in the business. I officiated at my brother’s wedding. And so much more.

I nearly went limping out of 2021 thinking I’ll have a better year next year! We’ll do you know what, if I can pull of all that and more in a global pandemic amidst the other challenges of life, then I’m doing pretty bloody well!

And so do you! So before you start running off with this ‘new year/new you’ nonsense, how about you look at 2021 and what you managed to do in the toughest year most people have experienced.

What to ask yourself

I’ve prepared some questions to help you reflect, and then you can look at next year from a whole different point of view. I recommend going through your calendar/ diary/ journal to jog your memory. It’s amazing what you’ll have forgotten!

Looking back on the year… What were the standout moments of the year? Think of have you learned? What good new habits have you developed? Any bad habits stopped? How did you care for yourself? How did you invest in yourself? How did you invest in others? Have you supported anyone else? What new connections have you made? What are you most grateful for? Think of a word or statement that sums up your year? And looking ahead… Is there anything you want to leave behind?/ What would it be good to stop doing? What do you want to bring with you into 2022? If you want to set yourself up for a great year, then I encourage you to sign up to the Kickstart Your Career 5 Day Challenge in January when I’ll be helping you create a personal vision for 2022.

Make sure you join me!! It starts on 24th January 2022 😆

That’s us signing off for 2021…a merry Christmas/ Happy holidays from Dave and I 🥂🎄🎅

Originally published at on December 17, 2021.



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